What David Bowie Can Teach Us About Perseverance

Before David Bowie became famous he put out more than 10 singles plus an album – and they all flopped.

To add insult to injury he even had to change his name from Davie Jones because when the Monkees arrived they had a singer of the same name.

Here’s a list of some of Bowie’s singles that failed to chart:

  • “Liza Jane” as Davie Jones and the King Bees
  • “I Pity The Fool” as The Manish Boys
  • “You Got A Habit of Leaving” as Davy Jones and the Lower 3rd
  • “Can’t Help Thinking About Me”, “Do Anything You Say” “I Dig Everything” ” “The Laughing Gnome” as David Bowie

But Bowie backed himself. He just kept going and his record label continued to support him. They they saw his potential.

At Figure Flow we love to support business owners in their early growth phase, just like Bowie’s record label did. A few years ago we took on an IT start up who since then has spent over a million dollars of their investors money without making a single sale – until about 3 months ago. And there’s a lot more sales in the pipeline.

We continue to be partners in their journey and celebrate their success.

So the message is just keep going. Keep your eye on the prize. To quote an old ad campaign “it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.”