We’re here for our clients.

At Figure Flow

We empower our clients to take control of their business numbers.

At Figure Flow we ease our clients’ fears around their accounts. We will always listen carefully to your concerns so that we may better understand your particular needs.

Every business has it’s unique requirements. Our aim is to create harmonious partnerships with our clients in order to support them through the process of growing their businesses.

And we always try to be friendly and helpful.

Our Services

Our client list covers multiple industries ranging from Professional Services, through to Trades, Retail, Agriculture and Community Organisations. We also work with different business structures from small sole trader businesses to larger enterprises with a sizeable payroll.

The Reviews Are In!

They clarified our financial position.

Leisa Porter

Southern Harvest

Amazing service and support!

Penny Kothe

Caroola Farm

They held my hand through a jungle of paperwork.

Lesley Carlton

Carlton's Rainbow

Streamlined our processes.

Penny Kothe

Caroola Farm

They make it all so easy!

Lisa McLean


They gave me back control.

Ben Maw


Explained our accounts back to us!

Kate Barelle

BLIP Global

So helpful!

Kate Barelle

BLIP Global

They understand small business.

Phil Gregory

eWater Systems

No fuss accounts.

Danielle Annells

Patient, persistent, friendly.

Colin McLean

Provisions Deli & Grocery

They always get back to me.

David Cornell

Grow & Co

Great eye for detail.

Dawn O'Neill

Fast, efficient, and approachable.

Naomi Smith

Civic Strata

Compliance fees cut in half.

Ben Maw


Always on the ball. Helpful, cheerful and above all patient!

Demetrius Condos

Templum Design Architects

Always a prompt response.

James Hall

Clay Matter

They go the extra mile…

Joshua Leisk


Make compliance a breeze!

Steve Rogers

Beyond Zero Carbon

Such nice guys to deal with.

Ben Maw


They present ideas that matter.

Phil Gregory

eWater Systems

They took us from paper to the cloud – and we’re loving it!

Ron and Kristina Proft

New Frontier Creative

I wish I’d found them sooner!

Kate Springer

They are partners in our growth.

Kyrstie Dunn

Collaboration for Impact

My work life is easier with them in it.

David Cornell

Grow & Co

They gave us informed guidance.

Colin McLean

Provisions Deli & Grocery

Indispensable to my business.

Jonathan Fick

Hand to Earth