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Our client list covers multiple industries ranging from Professional Services, through to Trades, Retail, Agriculture and Community Organisations. We also work with different business structures from small sole trader businesses to larger enterprises with a sizeable payroll.

All successful businesses keep on top of their accounts but experience has shown us that each business has its own unique requirements and each industry its own influence on that business. Here at Figure Flow we work with you to find out the best approach for your business when it comes to keeping your accounts in good shape.


Social Change Agents

  • BLIP Global
  • Collaboration for Impact
  • Danielle Anells
  • Dawn O’Neill
  • ​Kerry Graham
  • Stratelyst
  • The Adaptive Practice



  • The Uniting Church Hunter Presbytery
  • The School of Practical Philosophy

Eco Warriors

  • eWater Systems
  • Watt Solutions
  • Beyond Zero Carbon

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